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Trail Making Test

Trail Making Test


The Trail Making Test was originally part of the Army Individual Test Battery (1944) and was then incorporated into the Halstead–Reitan Battery (1985). “Today the Trail Making Test is one of the most popular Neuropsychological Tests and is included in most test batteries.”34 The Trail Making Test is used often in evaluating driving ability by testing general cognitive function. The test evaluates:

  • Information processing speed
  • Visual scanning ability
  • Integration of visual and motor functions
  • Letter and number recognition and sequencing
  • Ability to maintain two different trains of thought

This test consists of two parts:

  • Part A is a page with 25 numbered circles randomly arranged. Individuals are asked to draw lines between the circles in order from 1 to 25 until they reach the circle labeled “End”.
  • Part B is a page with circles containing the letters A through L and 13 numbered circles which are randomly arranged. Individuals are instructed to connect the circles by drawing lines, alternating between numbers and letters in sequential order, until they reach the circle labeled “End”.

If mistakes are made, they are brought to the attention of the client, who then resumes from the last correct circle. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Scoring is calculated by the time it takes to complete each part.34

Where to Obtain

Linked PDF:

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Before conducting this assessment, as with any assessment, please make sure you are familiar with the procedures and scoring.

Who is originally responsible for this Tool?

Many individuals have contributed to this assessment as it has evolved; however, the Army is originally responsible for its development.

Assessment Comparison Matrix

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Assessment Comparison Matrix