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Test Your Driver IQ

Test Your Driver IQ


This self assessment by AARP is a quick and easy way to see how fresh your driving skills are and to help you become a safer driver. The web-based quiz consists of 10 questions such as:

You want to change lanes. You can see if another vehicle is in your blind spot:

  • a) only if you check your rearview mirror
  • b) only if you check your sideview mirror
  • c) only if you turn and glance over your shoulder
  • d) only if you check both mirrors

Once all 10 questions have been completed you submit the answers and results are instantly given. The results identify if you answered the question correctly and provide the correct answers with an explanation.3

Where to Obtain

Internet-based quiz can be found on the AARP website:

Who is originally responsible for this Tool?

AARP Driver Education. AARP is a membership organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives.

Assessment Comparison Matrix

Overwhelmed by all of the choices and assessment varieties? Included is a handy reference chart that will help in the decision making process.

Assessment Comparison Matrix