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SAFER Driving: The Enhanced Driving Decisions Workbook

SAFER Driving


SAFER (Self-Awareness and FEedback for Responsible Driving) Driving is an on-line version of the Driving Decisions Workbook. The goal of this self assessment online workbook is to help older drivers increase their self-awareness and knowledge about age-related changes that affect safe driving. The aim is to extend safe driving and quality of life.

The SAFER workbook contains three sections versus the five in the original workbook:

  • Seeing
  • Thinking
  • Getting around

Like the original, each has to do with an area that affects safe driving. The online assessment will take about 10 minutes per section. Once all of the questions have been answered you will be given “feedback about the health concerns you identified, the critical driving skills that could be affected by these concerns, and what you might do to maintain safe mobility.”

The SAFER also recommends filling the assessment out with a family member or sharing your results or what you have learned with family and friends. Everyone can benefit from a little safe-driving refresher.12

Where to Obtain

You can complete this self assessment at:

Who is originally responsible for this Tool?

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and The UM Drive-Ability Program.

Assessment Comparison Matrix

Overwhelmed by all of the choices and assessment varieties? Included is a handy reference chart that will help in the decision making process.

Assessment Comparison Matrix