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What can be used to make these decisions?

Assessments are grouped by audience below. The assessments designed to be given by a licensed Occupational Therapy or Driver Rehabilitation Specialist are divided from those designed to be self-administered.

Occupational Therapist Assessments

In order for an Occupational Therapist to achieve holistic, client-driven treatment to maximize quality of life, the selection of assessment tools is a valuable first step. This decision is made best when it is well-informed.

Elderly Driving Assessment: MMSE

Mini Mental State Examination

Quick cognitive assessment that screens for deficits in orientation, retention, attention, recall, and language.

Trail Making Test

Trail Making Test

The Trail Making Test is used often in evaluating driving ability by testing general cognitive functions such as information processing speed & integration of visual and motor functions.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Manual Muscle Testing

Manual Muscle Testing

Assessment tool used to identify muscle weakness that may be interfering or limiting occupational functioning.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Functional Active Range of Motion Scan

Functional Active Range of Motion Scan

Screening tool used to identify deficits in active range of motion.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Motor-Free Visual Perception Test

Motor-Free Visual Perception Test

A quick & reliable measure of visual-perceptual deficits in spatial relationship, visual closure, visual discrimination, visual memory, and figure ground.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Snellen Chart

Snellen Chart

Quick screening used to test visual acuity. Results expressed as 20/20 or similar number.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Hooper Visual Organization Test

Hooper Visual Organization Test

Quick 15 minute screening to detect neurological impairment. The screening test measures the individual’s ability to organize visual stimuli and it addresses both general and specific cognitive functions.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Developmental Test of Visual Perception Adolescent and Adult (DTVP-A)

Developmental Test of Visual Perception Adolescent and Adult

Battery of six subtests that examine the visual-perceptual status and visual-motor integration skills in the areas of coping, figure-ground, visual-motor search, visual closure, visual-motor speed, & form constancy.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Assessment of Driving-Related Skills

Assessment of Driving-Related Skills

Battery of tests that consists of performance-based tasks in the areas of vision, motor skills, and cognition.

Elderly Driving Assessment: STISIM Driving Simulator

STISIM Driving Simulator

Screening device for the assessment of the effects of medical conditions on driving ability and also supportive device for assessment of cognitive impairment in older drivers.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Elemental Driving Simulator

Elemental Driving Simulator

Off-road simulator assessment system of driving abilities in the areas of steering control, speed of reaction, field of vision, adjusting, self control, and consistency.

Elderly Driving Assessment: DriveABLE


Computer-based assessment and standardized road course. Takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and will measure motor speed & control, span of attention field, spatial judgment & decision making, speed of attention shifting, and identification of driving situations.

Elderly Driving Assessment: CarFit Check

CarFit Check

Designed to help older drivers find out how well they currently fit their personal vehicle and to highlight actions they can take to improve their fit.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Power-Mobility Community Driving Assessment

Power-Mobility Community Driving Assessment

Interview and performance-based assessment evaluates a persons ability to use a power-mobility device (scooter or powered wheelchair) in their community.

Elderly Driving Assessment: driVR Rehab System

driVR Rehab System

Computer-based virtual reality performance task assessment that incorporates virtual reality technology, computer-based steering wheel console, and foot pedal controls.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Driving Health Inventory

Driving Health Inventory

Battery of computer-based and performance-based tasks including measures of visual acuity, leg strength and stamina, head/neck flexibility, short–term and working memory, visualization of missing information, visual search with divided attention, and visual information processing speed.

Self/Caregiver Assessments

These assessments are jargon-free and straight forward. Use them as preliminary diagnostic tools, but please, consult a licensed Occupational Therapist or Driver Rehabilitation Specialist with any questions.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Drivers 55 Plus

Drivers 55 Plus

Self assessment that aims to help one gain knowledge and raise self-awareness when it comes to their driving abilities.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Driving Safely While Aging Gracefully

Driving Safely While Aging Gracefully

Online workbook outlines the physical effects of aging, as well as tips on coping with them so that you remain a safe driver for as long as possible.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Close Call Quiz

Close Call Quiz

Self assessment that is a quick way to evaluate your stress and physical response to driving.

Elderly Driving Assessment: SAFER Driving

SAFER Driving

Online self assessment workbook that help older drivers increase their self-awareness and knowledge.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Test Your Driver IQ

Test Your Driver IQ

Quick and easy online self assessment that helps identify how fresh your driving skills are and to help you become a safer driver.

Elderly Driving Assessment: AAA Roadwise Review

AAA Roadwise Review

Computer based program that helps you identify health and fitness issues that enable you to check visual, mental and physical responses.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Driving Decisions

Driving Decisions

Self assessment workbook that will help elder drivers increase their self-awareness and knowledge about age-related changes that affect safe driving.

Elderly Driving Assessment: Is Your Loved One Driving Safely?

Is Your Loved One Driving Safely?

Developed as a resource for concerned caregivers and offers a quick and easy checklist to help the caregiver assess driving skills and safety.

Assessment Comparison Matrix

Overwhelmed by all of the choices and assessment varieties? Included is a handy reference chart that will help in the decision making process.

Assessment Comparison Matrix